Friday, January 29, 2010


This week has been a challenge. I've had two sick kids, which seems to be the broken record of the season. Ear infection, strep throat, strep throat, ear infection. My husband has had a bugling disc in his back since early Monday morning. My baby is teething, still, and I am functioning on zero hours of sleep it seems. I've become exhausted to say the least. I've been whiney. I've complained. I've even cried. Poor me.

And then the sky parts, the thunder really starts to roar, and something else happens that makes you broaden your perspective. My aunt is not well. The news is not good. It is likely we will lose her in the coming months. She has six children, 18 grandchildren, and two grandbabes on the way. She has two brothers and two sisters, a 90-year old mother, nieces, nephews, all suffering to cope with this tragic news.

Was I truly feeling sorry for myself because I have two beautiful, overall healthy kiddos who I am so lucky to care for and love? Was I so selfish to pity my sleep deprivation because I am so fortunate to wake in the wee hours with my babe only to sooth her? I. am. blessed.

I know it's cliche, but every day is a blessing. We cannot determine what tomorrow holds. Will we be happy? Will we be safe? Will we lose someone we love? Maybe so. But, let's not postpone happiness for the days that are perfect. Strive to be grateful for the usual and everyday. Take advantage of the time with those you love... even if it calls at 2:00 AM.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I think we all realize how great our not so perfect days are when we are faces with tragedy. I love your positive attitude...I wish I could remember to be more like that!

  2. Amen. I totally agree. It always seems that when I'm ever starting to feel sorry for myself, something comes along that truely humbles me, and then I remember that every day is a blessing! :)

  3. SUCH GOOD WORDS and exactly the same thing I was thinking over today. I am so thankful and I am blessed. Thanks for sharing!

  4. im so sad about this news. em we pray for your family. we love you guys and hope that your aunt leslie and everyone in your family is at peace. i would love to watch your kiddos whenever you want me to so you can have a little break with tyson! i love you guys! thanks for the positive perspective. its always good to be reminded how blessed we truly are, even in times of turmoil.

  5. Just found you while blog hopping today. Love it. :) Adding you to my blog list. Hope everyone feels better soon so that you can get some sleep. Hugs!

  6. I also just discovered your blog today. It is amazing!

    Today you have my sympathies. I am so very sorry about your aunt. I lost a beloved uncle a couple months ago so I feel some bond with the pain you are feeling.

    Your post is eloquent and inspiring. We all get caught up in the current of hectic life and from time to time we need to purge, reassess -- and as you said, be grateful for the ordinary moments and the gift of life we enjoy each day.

    A beautiful post and a tribute to your beloved aunt.

  7. OK one of the coolest sites ever!! You are so talented, I need to grab your button (wait that sounds funny?) and come back to visit. WOW. Thank you so much for the cool downloads and your tutorials are awesome! Your news about your Aunt really stopped me in my tracks. We've got the stomach bug tearing through our house right now but I needed some perspective there. Blessed, indeed. Wonderful site, I'll be back.

  8. I'm a newbie to your blog. What a creative gal you are!

    I'm sorry to hear about your loved one. Loved this post...thank you for the reminder.

  9. Hey Em! I know this was a long time ago but I just read it. I just was going to put a bug in your ear. I don't know if you remember how many ear infections Jaxon had a baby and toddler but when we moved to Georgia I was ready to get tubes in his ears. I had someone tell me to wait and go to the Chiropractor first and take him off of all milk products. Within a couple of weeks they were gone and have never returned. I don't know how much your kids are sick like this, but if its a should consider getting them adjusted. We are hardly ever sick anymore in our house. (knock on wood!)
    You have such a cute site and are SO creative! Hope you are doing really well. And know that all of your family is in our prayers!