Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little somethin-something for mamas...

My computer is dying and has been for weeks. It's now at the point that I am unable to even open programs, such as Safari. Thus, I am currently on my mom and dad's computer, letting you know I'm still alive. I'm just waiting for the funds to fix the imac.

I have one 3-year old and a nearly 10-month old. Lately, I feel as though much of my day is spent saying "no," "don't do that," "stop that," "don't talk like that," "don't act like that," and so on. To say the least, I spend many of my nights lying in bed feeling regret over my actions during the day.

I know everyone says two is terrible, but three has shaken me through the loop. I once believed myself to be a good mother. I was patient, playful, energetic, and kind. But, now I feel like I'm not sure what I'm doing. Then, I came across this wonderful video with an uplifting message for mothers. I promise it will make you feel, as it did me, like you're doing an okay job.

Anyone else having a hard time finding a job out there? My husband has been graduated since May and we are still hoping, wishing, and praying that SOMETHING will come up soon.

Happy July!


  1. Being a mother will test your patience beyond what you thought was possible, we all go through it and I always tell myself that tomorrow is a new day. It is tough out there. I babysit from my home and two families have lost jobs, so there for I have lost my job as well. Keep praying for God's will to be done and remember that you are not alone.
    God bless,

  2. I can agree with that, With school I'm barely home and when I am home I'm exhausted. It's hard to try and balance everything!But there is no better reminder that you're a great mom when your child crawls into your lap and lays their head on your shoulder, gets me every time!

  3. I feel like I spend my days saying "No" too, I try to do at least 1 thing that we both will enjoy, whatever it is, swimming, walking to the park, painting or playing kitchen. It makes me feel better about everything else, since I know I have to teach her how to behave and saying "No" is part of that.

  4. I too completely understand. I felt that same way many days. I have 3 children. 7m, 3years & 4 1/2 years. Each year gets a little harder, But on different levels. They will find new ways to try your patience.
    My sister calls them "Trying 3's" & "Ferocious 4's" Granted, it's not ALL that bad, but there are "those days" But then you get those days that remind you that "it is ALL worth it"
    I hope today is a good one & I just love your site.

  5. I can understand..."No" & "Don't Do That" are standard phrases heard (usually, loudly) in our house. A 2 and a 4 year old know where all my buttons are and aren't afraid to push them :)

    Just found your site..lovin' it!

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  7. Found your blog the other day and saw this post, I just had to comment. My husband and I have a little boy, almost a year old now. My hubby was in school, finishing up his last semester when our little boy was born. He graduated last January (2010) and although he's gone on countless interviews, nothing has materialized yet. We are trying to keep the faith/hope that something will come along soon.

    I also completely understand the "don't do that", "NO!", "put that down" comments. They are a mainstay in our house. ;)