Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free popsicle cozy pattern and gift tag!

My popsicle cozy pattern and gift tag are available today at Sissyprint.
Check it out! 

I think popsicles are a huge part of summer nostalgia.

When my son was a teething baby, I'd wrap a paper towel 
with a rubber band around the ice pop to keep his little fingers from getting cold.

Two kids later and a little experience has helped me make the perfect popsicle cozy.
Believe me, there have been several designs that have been modified and simplified.
There have been pocket cozies, wrap-around cozies, but the sleeve-style cozy is the way to go.

What kid wouldn't love getting a cozied ice pop, topped off with a coordinating gift tag!
Make summer special.


  1. These are SO adorable! I need to make these for every child I know. :D

  2. What an awesome idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing this :)