Monday, December 6, 2010

Wool Felt Christmas Ornaments

I was planning on posting this idea last week. But, my husband's grandmother passed away after a two year battle with a rare form of skin cancer. Remember this giveaway where I mentioned her? She was a sweet lady and the week was spent honoring her life and spending time with family.
So, this Christmas, we are living in a small apartment (still waiting on a job) and on a tight budget. I couldn't afford to go buy more kid friendly tree decor, so I whipped out my wool felt scraps and whipped these all up in about 30-45 minutes. If you have a one year old in your house this holiday, as I do, these can set your mind (and budget) at ease.

Gather together your wool, in Christmas colors of course.

1. Cut out your desired shapes. I did sloppy stars in all different sizes and circles. Be sure to cut two identical shapes per ornament.
2. Sew around the edges of the shape, attaching the two layers together.
3. Now just connect your ribbon. You can sew the ribbon directly to your ornament, or use a grommet press like I did and feed your ribbon through that.

Done! Super easy, super fast, super cheap, super durable! I think the inperfection in these is what makes them so charming. So, don't worry about making them perfect circles or perfectly dimensional stars. These would even be sweet attached to brown paper packages, tied up with string.

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