Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New love for an old window

Not so long ago, I was behind a local goodwill store, dropping off some bags from a de-cluttering spree.
Propped up against the side of the building were a few old windows, recently dropped off, no doubt.

I asked the man collecting donations if I could purchase the lot of them, on the spot.
He told me just to take them.  I probably got embarrassingly excited and quickly swept them into the back of my car.  Oh, the ideas...

There are so many vinyl on glass calendars out there.  So, I realize this is no novel idea.
But, an old window adds a new flare, I think.  And there were already holes drilled into the wood, so stringing through some wire and ribbon for hanging was a breeze.

No painting or distressing necessary.  It was roughed up to perfection, as is.

New to me and pretty much free.  Life is good.

1 comment:

  1. lovely. LUCKY score! and i am in LOVE with the pink vintage chair and pillow too. you are adorable and oh so talented!