Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrifty Work Space

 I wish I knew how to make my camera take bright photos.  Any tips anyone?  This is my workspace and ALL of it (with the exception of my computer) was purchased on a budget.  A very TIGHT budget. But, especially as a freelance designer, I spend a lot of time at this little place.  So, it has to be a place I enjoy being.

I got this lamp off clearance for $8, the squirrel for $5, and the vintage alarm clock for $2.

 I honestly think my husband thought I'd gone too far when I brought Howard home.  But, he keeps me company.

A vintage suitcase purchased for a few dollars at an estate sale a few years ago.
I'm still searching for one a little flatter.  But, I'm keeping this one around in the meantime.

My second favorite, a mustard yellow office chair, totally vintage and absolutely free.

A flag garland made from burlap and leftover fabric scraps from my grain sack pillows.

This craigslist find is my favorite piece of furniture I own.  It was a bit of a splurge for me at $200.  But, it was already finished, is solid wood, and was custom-built for the previous owner.  I've been searching for some antique, mustard yellow knobs, but have yet to fall in love.  But, this is a refuge I don't mind working in.


  1. I love this space. It's simple but extremely awesome. You haven't cluttered it up with things that aren't a necessity (the squirrel is needed for companionship)and the color combo is great!

  2. oh my LOVE!!! great desk find! seriously AMAZING!!! every bit of it. i HOPE YOU find the mustard yellow knobs! LOVE YOU!